The art market in the western Balkans

“The art market in the western Balkans”  is a project devoted to the research on the subject of art markets and gallery systems in regional countries located in the western Balkans, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. It was recognized that it is necessary to establish professional and technical support for future development of contemporary visual production in mentioned countries. The aim of the project is to establish an effective structural transformation of relevant actors of the art market operating in the western Balkans.

Project context

In the current unstable social climate that last for several years, the crisis within the public funding systems for support of contemporary art production appeared to emphasize, now more than ever, the complex question regarding the relations between economy and art. As a part of that relation, it is necessary to consider and improve the financing support system in the private sector, in this case the contemporary visual production, especially in the problematic context of the art market that is now under pressure due to the lack of reliable and substantiated expert analysis.

Project activities: systematic  research and analysis of the western Balkans art market, modeling Index for development of  the art market, economic profile analysis of the art market in the western Balkans – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia; determining economic indicators and market trends in the art market since 1990; mapping and analysis of cultural policy instruments in the field of contemporary visual art market; research of individual artistic categories and media – painting, sculpture, graphic, drawing; structural analysis of the regional art market, networking and cooperation between relevant actors in the art market in the western Balkans; presentation of results in the final publication.

Support: European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam

Studija o umetničkom tržištu na prostoru Zapadnog Balkana (SRB)

Study on Art Market in West Balkan (ENG)