Centar for Research in Cultural Development


Center for Research in Cultural Development is an cultural institution involved in scientific, developmental and practical research, production of studies and analysis in field of sociology of culture and cultural policy, collecting information on culture, art,media in the country and abroad. The Institute valorizes and verifies its projects on the domestic and foreign markets.

The Institute was founded by the National Assembly of Serbia on the Law for establishing Center for Research in Cultural Development in 1967. It was established due to the need that the cultural policy needs to be planned and handled professionally, effectively and efficiently and to develop scientific thought of culture in Serbia. The role of the Center is to research social changes and provide possibilities to use modern working methods as to improve cultural activities.

Through its research, documentation and publishing it brings to our national culture in domain of research, preservation and presentation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and in the field of scientific works in culture and art, it connects culture to other resources as a way to establish cooperation with the civil sector and launch initiatives in defining developmental plans in culture in other cities in Serbia.

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