The first Creative Economy Forum is finished: creative economy as development potential in Serbia

Creative economy can be the answer to key social and economic problems that are present in our country – it was assessed at the first Creative Economy Forum in Belgrade. The Forum was organized by the Creative Economy Group in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, and under sponsorship of the Australian Embassy in Serbia.

Australian ambassador, her excellency dr Helena Studert emphasized her great pleasure that the Creative Economy Group organized the Forum and recognized  important potentials for further development of integrational public policies in this field but also bilateral relations of these two countries. She stated that for the new economy, creativity is important and that the australian creative sector and economy received dynamic development due to the fact that the australian government and its public policies included and emphasized creativity, creation and new ideas.


Professor PhD David Throsby of the Macquaire University in Sidney stated that he recognized important potentials in cultural life, extrovert citizens, creativity and new ideas and he firmly believes that if the concept of creative industries is to be recognized and accepted in public policies it would surely bring further development to the creative sector and beyond it. He also stated that in the region there is Creative Economy Group as an organization that affirmates development of creative sector the same way it exists in Australia and other foreign countries though connecting science and practice.

At the end of the Forum, participants stated their satisfaction for the event as it opened a dialogue on key issues such as development of the national creative sector. It was announced that the key results and conclusions of the Forum will be published in a strategic document which will be soon published by Creative Economy Group and which would in the final outcome serve as an assessment tool of possibilities and effective usage of practical solutions in domain of public policy and governance in creative sector.