I Creative Economy Forum

The first Creative Economy Forum will be held from 5-7. November 2012 under the auspices of the Australian Embassy in Belgrade, which will be the guest of honor and the country in focus at this year’s Forum.

The first Creative Economy Forum consists of 3 sessions: “Country in Focus” – dedicated to the presentation of the country which has the most successful models of management of the creative sector and extensive experience in the modeling of effective policy development of the creative sector; “International practice” aimed at the presentation of current topics and key issues faced by international organizations, which are of importance for the further development of the creative sector and the session “Towards solutions in the domain of public policies” intended to review key issues of national development of the creative sector.

“Country in Focus” at the first Forum is Australia, which  18 years ago at the explicit level recognized creative industry as a powerful tool for social and economic development, and which today has a wealth of experience in the design of public policies and programs aimed at creating “Creative Australia” – outdoors, unique, living, innovative and creative company with unlimited resources, the most active in the field of culture and creative industries. In the framework of the “International law” by the first Creative Economy Forum UNESCO-UIS will present the latest concepts and phenomena faced by decision-makers, researchers and all those who are engaged in the planning of economic development and the development of culture, which found a foothold in  creativity and talent in the field of culture, science and education. The last part of the forum “Toward solutions in the domain of public policy” is intended for discussions on the theme “Culture and creative industries in the economic crisis” in order to more clearly perceive what the challenges faced by the creative sector in the economic crisis and discuss possible solutions.