Creative Industries Cluster of Vojvodina

Creative Industries Cluster of Vojvodina was founded in 2010 and counts 40 members of which the highest number are those from small enterprises and independent artists and experts, members of public and educational institutions and recently there is a general interest to involve NGOs in the cluster. The aim of the cluster is to stimulate cooperation and networks among creative actors that come from the public, private and civil sector.

Small and medium enterprises are those from marketing and consulting 27%, design 20% , film and video production 17%, music and theater production 13%, television and radio 10%, fashion design 7%, and one enterprise in domain of print and architecture which makes 3% of the cluster. Important task of the cluster is organization of events and initialization of activities that will bring to  general understanding that changes within the public sector of culture are necessary as it is the only way to bring economic development of cultural-creative potentials. Also, it is necessary to raise awareness of the creatives that they are a part of cultural industry, an industry of important economic influence.

Members of the cluster and Novi Sad Fair, Exist Festival, Institute for Culture of Vojvodina, Institute for culture of Vojvodina Slovaks and others which are working to expand the idea and understanding the global trend and the role of culture in creative industries in Serbia. A special event is organized by the cluster “Creative Industries Summer Sessions” which 25 participants from 10 regional countries and the EU present examples of good practice for lauching businesses, innovation, cultural spaces, game industry, music etc. Besides the Ministry of economy, the financial support to the Cluster was given by the Secretariat for economy of AP Vojvodina.