GKE at the Standing Conference of Municipalities and Cities on cultural-historical heritage

At the Dom omladine (Youth Center) in Belgrade on the 5th June 2013, the Conference of municipalities and cities on the subject of local  preservation and promotion of cultural heritage was held. Hristina Mikić, director of the Creative Economy Group participated at the Conference with the subject “Rehabilitation of cultural heritage in function for local development”.

The Conference served as a platform to exchange knowledge between decision makers on a central or local level, representatives of international cultural networks, local government representatives that hold cultural, or historical heritage of exceptional importance on their territories.

The Conference resulted in mutual observation made by participants such as that in Serbia there is no strategy for development of culture, besides Pančevo which was mentioned as an example of good practice, that it is necessary to work on affirmation of cultural heritage that is possible to rehabilitate and economically valorize in short period.

The Conference participants were Gordana Plamenac of the Tourism Organization of Serbia, Nenad Lajbenšpejger of the Republic Institute for the protection of cultural monuments, and Hristina Mikić, director of the Creative economy group and others.

Hristina Mikić spoke on concrete problems and challenges for protection and promotion of cultural heritage in Serbia. She mentioned that it is necessary to create sustainable heritage policy that equally and in the same manner treat cultural heritage with high standards for its protection but also raise awareness among the local community. Hristina Mikić marked three points 1) introduce economic and touristic valorization of cultural heritage for achieving sustainable rehabilitation of cultural heritage 2) change the perception of the role of cultural heritage and nurture a moral and responsible approach toward cultural heritage (by all of us) 3) develop integrational public policies that treat cultural heritage from a multi sectoral perspective.