Creative Australia in Serbia

The project “Creative Australia in Serbia” is aimed at affirmation of Australian public policies and experiences in development process of its creative sector and further transmission of acquired knowledge and experiences as to develop creative sector in Serbia.  


The program activity covers research of australian practices in development of the creative sector and assessment of possibilities for their implementation according to present conditions, the affirmation of the creative economy within the local economic development policies in Serbia, networking with expert platforms and institutions in the field of creative economy and establishment of continuous cooperation within this sector.

The project considers several successive activities:

1. Organizing the Forum of creative economy  and presenting Australia as a country in focus and the first country that recognized the concept of creative industries in the domain of its public policies, creating an open dialogue with representatives in the field of economy, academy and public sector.

2. Establishing cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations in Australia that are involved in the processes of affirmation and institutionalized support toward the creative sector.

3. Mapping of relevant australian policy models and institutionalized support aimed for development of the creative sector (Australian Cultural and Creative Industries Corner) and analysis of  recognized possibilities for implementation of  models, as a concept that could develop creative sector in Serbia.

4. Production of an expert analysis of possibilities for implementation of Australian models for development of creative sector in Serbia and defining possible perspectives, recommendations and guidelines for implementation of these models in Serbia.

5.  Publishing the manual  “Kreativna Australija: dobar put u kreativno društvo i ekonomiju” based on case studies of  successful programs, models and projects for development of the creative sector. 

6. Organizing public debates and study tours in Serbian municipalities as to provide support to local governments in recognizing the potentials of creative economy for socio-economic development, networking with relevant actors interested in affirmation of creative economy and strengthening cooperation with Australian institutions and organizations in the field of creative economy.

Project was supported by: Australian Embassy in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia