GKE attended the international meeting on implementation of the UNESCO Convention 2005 in Prague

From 13th to 17th October the Arts and Theater Institute in Prague with support by the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic organized the international meeting in implementation of the UNESCO Convention for protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions was held. The meeting was attended by members of the public institutions – focal point for the implementation of the UNESCO Convention and one independent expert in the field of creative industries from the SEE counties. To remind the readers, GKE in 2012 organized the first seminar in the western Balkans on UNESCO Convention and its principles for 65 representatives from local governments while from 2012-2013 GKE participated in the production of the National report for implementation of UNESCO Convention in Serbia from 2009-2012. As a follow up of these activities, GKE continues to build its capacities in this field with the aim to exchange knowledge in implementation of this Convention and its further dissemination as to provide free access to knowledge and information in this field, which is the primary mission of the Creative Economy Group.