GKE announced the publication Creative Australia for promoting new development models of creative economy in Serbia

Creative Economy Group announced the publication “Creative Australia: good practice toward creative society and economy”  aimed for promotion of new models of development of creative economy in Serbia…

The publication contains papers of Australia’s leading experts in this field prof. Dr. Margaret Seares, Dr. John Gardiner-Garden, prof. Dr. David Throsby, Dr. Mark Ryan, prof. Dr. Michael Keane and prof. Dr. Stuart Cunningham, as well as an Annex of domestic leading authors prof. Gojko Rikalovic and Hristina Mikic who tried to show the possibility of applying the Australian model of development of creative economy in Serbia and to provide guidelines for reforms in 5 key areas crucial for further development of the creative sector.

The publication will serve as a basis for the presentation of policies and models supporting this sector in Australia, the discussion about solutions that can be applied in Serbia, as well as the organization of meetings with relevant stakeholders at the local level for examination and mapping of potentials for the development of creative economy in some cities in Serbia and deepening cooperation with relevant stakeholders in Australian creative economy, government, professional and business associations.