Creative Economy of Serbia

Creative Economy of Serbia is the second phase of the program for creative society and economy development in Serbia. The program is dedicated for institutionalization of public policies based on facts, followed by qualitative valuing of the creative sector as a factor that influences inclusive and smart development of regional and local communities in Serbia as well as introducing innovative approaches in the processes of valorization, affirmation, promotion of local communities’ creative capital. The vision of this program is to provide conditions for creative economy that offers smart, inclusive and sustainable development of Serbia. In comparison to the first phase, the dominant aspect of the second phase is the “bottom-up” approach – building creative sector capacities on a regional and local level, valuing, affirming creative entrepreneurship of the local creative capital and cultural identities of cities that are based on creative resources.

Project context

Creative production received visible transformation as it once was a luxurious resource that is not changed into a development one. The change marked the expansion of shifting borders of public activities and different understanding on interpretation of creative sector public policies and how this movement unblocked economic potentials of the creative sector. Today, creative industries are not seen as an “individual value supported by the mechanisms of a welfare state” but as a dynamic lever od social development. Followed by the increased usage of creativity and forming new activities that are grounded on this resource, public policies are entering in the phase of integrated processes toward creativization of economy. Synergy of creativity, social and economic changes and reformulation of traditional production models and distribution of products, leasing industries from marking used materials. The industrial structure shifted toward providing wide productional structure of creative goods and services that make a new development paradigm of creative economy.

The importance of creativity and creative industries for economic development, prominently on a local and regional level were proven by multiple international organizations The general conference of the UN (2010) issued a resolution for culture and development, where creative industries were recognized as important development segment for decreasing poverty, building local identities, and creating better investment conditions for financing local communities, and also creative industries decreased the level of public migration to urban centers (UN, 2010). Post-development agenda 2015 intensively emphasizes that the creative sector must be affirmed, valorized and to have a better position among development policies in next decade. The principles and guidelines of the post-development agenda highlight the role of the creative sector as an inclusive element in the new development process that influences decrease of social inequalities and creative sector as one of fundamental pillars of sustainable development, synergic processes of science, technology, innovation and creativity as a new vision of modern society development (Post-2015 UN Development Agenda). On the level of EU, strategy “Europe 2020” highlights the role of creative industries for influencing smart and sustainable development of European countries.

The program “Creative Economy of Serbia” is based on the basic premises and guidelines given by Post-development Agenda 2015 UN in following: culture and creative industries as a pillar of sustainable development; new approaches in public governance and development on a local, regional and national level, science, technology, innovation and intellectual property as a vision of development; education, skills and knowledge for inclusive and sustainable development. The program incorporates the basic strategic goals of the “Europe 2020” which is grounded on the inclusive and smart growth.

The program “Creative economy of Serbia” perceives cultural and creative industries as a process of ongoing recreation, adjustment, review and redefining values and practices. Noting its dual role as economic factors and holders of identities, values and meaning the program “Creative Economy of Serbia” has the aim to through inclusive development of culture and creative industries on a local, regional and national level create new territorial brands, as to establish unique, recognizable, innovative identity of functional spaces and indirect economically supporting environment in the era of creative society and economy.