GKE consulting on potentials of creative industries in Western Balkans and regional cooperation in “SEE 2020”

On the 29th January in Sarajevo the meeting of the Central-European Initiative and Council for regional cooperation (RCC) was held and it was focused on the implementation of the strategy “SEE 2020” and the domain of creative industries. The meeting was attended by key regional actors and institutions in this field, while the aim was to analyze possibilities for regional development and formation of a regional design incubator as the first step to improve development of creative industries in this region. The meeting gathered 20 relevant experts in creative economy from the Western Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia). They presented their work in the field of creative economy. On this meeting Creative Economy Group presented regional activities of GKE while at the consultation session Mladen Dragašević of the Regional council for cooperation presented the strategy “SEE 2020” and planned activities in creative industries. Rob Van Lersel, programme manager of European Commision for the programme Creative Europe presented possibilites and opportunities that professionals in this sector can meet thorough the programme Creative Europe 2014-2020 and Vitorrio Simoncelli who presented the work of the creative incubator Rione Sassi.