GKE attended the Regional Expert Team for Cultural Heritage of Council of Europe meeting

At the Council of Europe on the 11th  and 12th  February 2014 the meeting of the regional expert group LPII was held. The meeting dealt with the preparation of investment projects in the field of cultural heritage on the territory of Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as to provide efficient and effective rehabilitation of cultural heritage and its financing.

The meeting and following workshop was attended by representatives of those countries as well as representatives of the International Expert Team of the Council of Europe in this field, Nancy McGrath, John Baguley and David Johnson, who presented the main challenges and methodology of preparation of investment projects of rehabilitation of cultural heritage, as well as possible answers to these challenges. The aim of the regional expert group is to help professionals in the field of cultural heritage to produce development projects for rehabilitation of heritage and preparation of strategies for their financing. Hristina Mikić executive director of the Creative Economy Group took place within the work of this Expert Group.