CEG attended Creative Industry of Serbia Conference at Mikser House

The Conference Creative Industry of Serbia was held at Mikser House in which leading experts and practitioners in creative industries took place as well as public offices. Creative Economy Group presented development potentials of creative industries in Serbia as key areas necessary to reform and improve as to create sustainable development of this sector as to bring higher socio-economic development of Serbia. 

The aim of the conference which was organized by Exit Festival and Mikser was to stimulate mutual functioning of all relevant actors in the creative economy field, to exchange knowledge, experience within the country or outside and create synergetic atmosphere as to create firm foundations for future development of creative industries in Serbia. The programme of the first day was marked by lectures given by Andy Eagle, Chapter (UK), Fionn Zarubica, (USA), Martin Kern, Head of Operation for EU Delegation in Serbia. Creative Economy Group presented development potentials of creative industry, strengths and obstacles in this sector as well as economic effect that could establish better environmental quality in business and financing of creative industries.

Photo owner: Mikser