The new issue of Manek published the GKE analysis of financing culture in Serbia

In the new issue of the independent cultural scene MANEK – GKE published an article of  financing culture in Serbia. The entire issue is dedicated to topical issues of the economics of culture in Serbia – the financing of culture at the national level, examining the relationship between public and private financing of culture, sustainability and transparency of city funding.

All texts agree on the present marginalization of the civil sector in culture and the fact that polarization of the cultural scene leads to its withering away from the whole.

In this issue of MANEK, in addition to the director of the Creative Economy Group H. Mikić, view on the problem were given by Predrag Cvetičanin who analyzed state attitudes toward the civil sector,  Vesna Ćorić-Eric provided an analysis of tax policy measures, Emma Dowling written about the NGO sector in crisis, Marijana Cvetkovic gave the genesis of the creation of cultural institutions in Serbia based on civic initiatives and M. Miletic that analyzed urban cultural policy and creative material position.

The new issue of MANEK can be downloaded here.