GKE attended on the Workshop “Regional Design Incubator” at Jahorina

The Workshop for Regional Strategic design incubator held from 9th to 11th July was attended by Nevena Simovic and Nemanja Ajdačić, researchers of the Group for creative economy. The workshop was a part of the implementation strategy SEE 2020 (RCC, 2013). The proposed activity for establishing the Regional Design Incubator was one of three priorities related to section culture and creative sector in the SEE 2020 strategy for the Western Balkans.

In order to define the strategic work of the Regional design incubator, participants, organizations and individuals were invited that could by following Regional Cooperation Council criteria could contribute to the formation of the Regional Incubator design and realization of its activities. The purpose of the meeting was to define the mission and key strategic objectives and operational activities of the body, including the mapping of interested organizations to engage in research activities and raising awareness of the importance of design as an economic factor. Nevena Simovic and Nemanja Ajdačić presented the current activities of the Group in this area, as well as ongoing activities on mapping design industry in Serbia, whose preliminary results will be published in the near future.