New edition “Creative Industries SERBIA” for promotion of creative industries at international markets

The new edition “Creative Industries SERBIA” is a results of a long term research done by CEG members as to provide affirmation of creative industries in Serbia at their promotion at international markets. Besides the development potential of creative industries, the publication holds 35 presentations of companies and entrepreneurs that passed the CEG test for diagnosing export performances to asian markets. 

The first international promotion of the publication will be held from 4th to 9th september 2014 at the “7th CHINA Cultural Industry Expo”, Siam, China. For the first time, this expo will be hosting a delegation from Serbia with members of the Ministry of Culture and Information, National Library of Serbia and  of the Creative Economy Group who were invited to present to the public development potentials of Serbian creative industries.

The Expo of cultural industries in Siam holds a slogan “New Silk Road” and has the aim to affirm Euro-Asia integration projects in domain of cultural industries, tourism which was launched by the National Republic of Chine in 013. According to this project, Serbia is located in the western Balkans of this new silk road, and it connects Thessaloniki and Budapest. Connecting though the “New Silk Road” is done though road transport, market, tourism and creative industries. The Expo will be an opportunity for the China government and the public  to get acquainted with unique expression of local creative industries but also create contacts for further cooperation and partnership between chinese and serbian creative industries.