GKE at the Cultural Industry Expo in China

At the recent cultural industry Expo in Xi’an, China creative industry leaders from Serbia were presented for the first time with participation of the Creative Economy. Domestic creativity of the chosen 35 leaders of the creative industry was presented in a form of a publication and catalogue prepared by the Creative Economy Group with exhibition fragments presenting Serbian medieval ornaments “Refreshing Memory” by author Dušan Milovanović.

The aim of presenting local creative industries is to work on their internationalization and introduction to Chinese economic and professional public with authentic creative expression that comes from our country. The selected creative industry leaders from Serbia were selected based on a set of economic and identity criteria for detecting the export potential of creative industries to Asian markets developed by the Creative Economy Group.

The greatest interest during the EXPO caused the products by the rubber-boots company “TIGAR” in partnership with “Lady’s Heart” Association from Pirot, Serbia and their characteristic rubber boots with pirot kilim ornaments. Handmade products of Ethno Network with additions such as scarves featuring traditional Serbian elements, gloves with ethno motives from Eastern Serbia, shoes ABO by designer Iva Ljubinković, fragments of the collection “Army Dreamers” by Ana Ljubinković, George Stayler models, Sirogojno sweaters produced by Sirogojno company, silk scarves by Studio Maruska from Cacak,and design studies Peter Gregson, Unibrend Comunication and Coba & Associates.