Ministry of Culture and Information


Ministry of Culture and Information is the central body of the State governments responsible for culture, cultural development and implementation of the cultural policy. The Ministry handles governmental activities such as: development and improvement of culture and artworks; tracking and researching in culture; securing material base for cultural production; improvement and development of literature, music, theatre, art, applied arts and design, film, and activities in other audiovisual work; protection of tangible and intangible heritage, libraries, publishing, cinematographic and musical works; foundations and endowments; public information system; tracking of public bodies for public information; tracking activities of foreign informational bodies, foreign funds for public information, correspondence and correspondents in Republic of Serbia; informing national minority groups; registration of foreign informational institutions for providing help to foreign journalists and correspondents; cooperation in protection of cultural heritage; establishment and development of cultural-informational centers across the world; creating conditions for realization of projects that are being financed from pre-accession EU Funds; donations and other form of support; participation in regional projects and other activities determined by the Law.