Ministry of Economy and Chamber of Commerce find GKE recommendations as a consultation baseline

Consultations regarding problems and measures for creative industry business improvement were held today at the Chamber of Commerce Serbia. The consultations were part of the program “You have the floor – be a part of the solution” (“Imate reč – budite deo rešenja”) implemented by Ministry of Economy and Chamber of Commerce Serbia. Recommendations and finds of the strategic document (Green book of creative economy in Serbia: guideline to reformation of creative industries support measures) that were assembled by Creative Economy Group members, were used as a discussion baseline on the subject of business environment for creative industries development.

The purpose of this strategic document was to serve as a grounding document that navigates the course and launches a wider dialogue and consultation in domain of creative sector importance in Serbia, and necessary business improvement in this sector. Key areas in which Creative Economy Group recognized as relevant were improvement of labour and management in creative industries and which were additionally discussed with Ministry of Economy representatives though the consultation meeting on prioritizing further measures and activities.