Publication “Heritage for development in South-East Europe” published by Council of Europe with articles written by members of the GKE

Recently, a new collection of articles have been published under the title “Heritage for development in South East Europe” in which the members of Creative Economy Group participated in its production. The publication was done within the framework of European cultural heritage edition by Council of Europe, who is also the publisher of this book while its editors were mr Hristina Mikić, director of Creative Economy Group and dr Gojko Rikalović of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.

This edition includes analysis of cultural heritage policies in 8 countries in South East Europe (Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria) in last 10 years, as well as effects of the Ljubljana Process (the only systematic programme in this region dedicated to cultural heritage) for improvement of the public framework for development of heritage in these countries. The published collection of articles was made as a result of strengthening regional cooperation in domain of cultural economics and public policy studies, and it holds basic indicators for following development in heritage policies.

If you are curious to know how much does Serbia allocate financial resources for cultural heritage? What are the biggest problems in financing cultural heritage in the SEE region? What is the management of heritage like in Romania? Which advisory bodies exist in Bulgaria? Who are the biggest financiers in projects for cultural heritage preservation in South East Europe? Is cultural tourism the only option for economic valorization of cultural heritage? What are the possibilities in valorizing cultural heritage through creative industries?

If you want answers to those questions regarding heritage policies in the SEE you can find it in the book available at the Council of Europe web site.