GKE attended the Forum Serbia-China: book publishing and development of culture

Forum Serbia-China publishing and development of culture between Serbia and China was held at the National Library of Serbia with participants representing publishing houses and cultural sector of these two countries. The Forum was organized due to the National Republic of China delegation visit to Serbia as China was the guest of honor at the International Book Fair in Belgrade.

China’s ambassador Mr. Li Manchang emphasized that both Serbia and China have great history which can stimulate development of the humanity through rich culture and tradition. Deputy Minister of the State Office for printing, publishing, radio, film and television National Republic of China highlighted the importance of the Silk Road as it is the strong economic connection, but the world is in the process of globalization in which culture is an important path to consider in global economy. On the Serbian side, participants were Mladen Vesković od the Ministry of Culture and Information, Hristina Mikić, director of the Creative Economy Group and Vladislav Bajac, novelist.
Hristina Mikić highlighted the Serbian creative industry recognition and genesis and mentioned that the new formats and activities should prioritize this sector. She also mentioned that programmes and projects should help participants of this cooperation to develop better quality in creative products and services. Also, this perspective should be built upon with stronger relations though the initiative Forum on cultural cooperation of China and 16 countries in South East Europe (known as 16+1). The meeting that is going to be held in December 2016 in Belgrade should be used for establishing networks not only on the political plan but also to involve representatives of cultural and creative sector.