GKE at the International Conference of cultural centers and networks in Bulgaria

The International Conference of cultural centers and networks was held in Veliko Tarnavo, Bulgaria (24-28.09.2014). Dr Dejan Molnar participated in this conference with presentation of the 35 leaders of Serbian creative industries which were promoted in the publication Creative Industries SERBIA and the CEG results of the new research “Revitalization of cultural centers in Serbia: the new incubators in rural creative industries”.

The Conference was held in the historic capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo, which was nominated for the European Capital of Culture 2019. Participating experts discussed on the role of networks and cultural centers under the main theme of the conference “Creativity and well-being for all change the future.” The organizers of this event were the International Council for Cultural centers in cooperation with the European network of cultural centers. The aim of the Conference was networking as to create a platform for further work. The creative industry leaders of Serbia with their specific artistic expression, as well as data on developmental potentials of creative industries in Serbia received great attention at the attended event.

The meeting was an opportunity to meet deputy directors for international collaboration which Dejan Molnar used to discuss on future activities with leading experts such as Damian Hebron, director of the London Forum Arts in Healts, dr Nadezda Savov-Grigorov president of the International Council for cultural centers and others.