Biz&Art Toward sustainable partnership between economy and culture

The project Biz&Art Toward sustainable partnership between economy and culture was dedicated in affirming new models for cooperation between business and art sector. The cooperation of these two sectors are today seen in another light. The corporate social responsibility of companies by supporting artistic projects is not a matter of debate but more a new philosophy of business companies. Investing in creativity and artistic projects increases companies’ reputation capital, while the cooperation on artistic projects increases their innovation capacity.

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Culture is not anymore a specific phenomenon of the society, culture can be found in everything that is around us, from urban spaces and communicational products, to other commercial goods. Creative economy emphasizes the process of culturalization in business structures as to integrate aesthetics within its products and services. The companies’ capabilities, regions and nations to extract economic benefit from culture and creativity became an important factor that results in economic success and increased competitiveness of each enterprise. As to achieve these measures, it is necessary to establish a wider connection between economy and art, as for the art to provide additional value to business processes and products. In creative economy the companies are not competing on the level of their expenditures but on the uniqueness of products and services they contribute to the market. Hence, the process of sophistication of business strategies is the central issue in gaining and improving competitiveness of the corporate sector through investments in arts and culture.

Project activities:

– Production of publication “Biz&Art toward sustainable partnership between economy and culture” as to be used for raising public awareness on the importance of Biz&Art cooperation, while providing additional examples of good practices of this cooperation within the public, nonprofit and corporate sector.

– Organizing instructional seminar “Cooperation of business and arts in creative economy” as to present the challenges and possibilities for cooperation among culture and economy, with additional guidelines for better integration of artistic projects in companies’ business strategies.

– Analysis of corporate models of investment in artistic projects, creating profiles of new art philanthropists and their presentation in specific Biz&Art directory.

– Production of instructional handbook for establishing Biz&Art cooperative projects, and what legal, economical and other specifications should be met during that process – both from the standpoints of culture and economy.

– Launching Biz&ART Lab – educational program for representatives of the cultural and business sector aimed at acquisition of new knowledge on cooperation models between business and art and receive inputs for establishing new projects in the spirit of this integrated model of these two sectors.

Project was supported by: SKGO and Ministry of culture and information.