New edition BIZ&ART: toward sustainable partnership of economy and culture

A new edition was published “BIZ&ART: toward sustainable partnership of economy and culture” dedicated to the subject of cooperation between economy (business) and culture. The handbook cover the concept analysis of creative and business sector cooperation, tax treatment in various forms of corporate sector engagement and beneficiaries that are produced from that cooperation, regulational behaviour and positive outcomes of business and culture partnership.

Handbook articles are signed by experts: mr Hristina Mikić, dr Dragan Demirović, dr Roberta Comunian, Milica Novaković, and as representatives of the business sector Sonja Konakov-Svirčev (Erste bank), Rajka Šinik (Bank Intesa), Ivana Matijević (Telenor Foundation), and cultural sector Tijana Palakovljević (Matica Srpska Gallery), Alek Conić (Art Collection Šećerović-Conić), Jovana Milašinović (Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra) and others… The editor’s initiative within this handbook was to launch a dialogue between business and creative sector in finding proper solutions, to give new generation of corporate philanthropists in Serbia in culture and creative industries and emphasize the obstacles that should in the future be overpassed as to bring an increase of corporate philanthropists in financing culture and creative projects.

Publication content can be seen here.