UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management

Univerzitet umetnoti

Study programme Cultural policy and management represents an integrated master program of the University of Arts in Belgrade and University Lyon 2 in Lyon, France. With accreditation of the french university Université Lyon 2 and with support by other universities, professional organizations and various experts from Europe, the programme attracts students from Balkan and other worldly countries. The special focus of this program is dedicated to issues and problems regarding communication and cultural cooperation between Balkan countries, and the idea of cultural pluralism. The MA program provides a unique opportunity for networking and communicating with future cultural policy creators and managers of development, cultural and artistic projects / media houses and organizations across Balkan countries. The mutual cooperation of students and internationally acclaimed professors provide exceptional conditions for continuous enhancement of the study curriculum but also fundamental promotion and implementation of  cultural pluralism principle within Balkan countries.

Since 2013 UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management and Creative Economy Group signed a cooperation agreement for establishing internship programs and practical trainings in the Creative Economy Group for enrolled master students.

  • University of Arts in Belgrade
  • Kosančićev venac 29, Beograd
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