Creative cities and municipalities of Serbia

Network of creative cities and municipalities of Serbia: strengthening local and regional institutional capacities for the support to creative industries is involved in raising capacities of local municipalities and regions as well as establishing institutional infrastructure for supporting creative industries development and diversity of cultural expressions. The project is dedicated to capacity building, professionalisation, and stakeholders networking in the area of development, and implementation of local policies as well creation of supporting measures creative industries development.

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The professionalisation program is dedicated for 50 representatives of local governments coming from 15 municipalities located in Pirot, Niš and Toplica region, representatives of the civil sector, creative entrepreneurs, artists and members of cultural institutions. This project will supply a set of innovative services to local municipalities for developing evidence based policy and projects on creative industries development and mobilization of financial resources for their realization. Creation of new methodology for mapping, valorization and strategic planning of development of cultural industries on a local level. It will be provided through expert facilitation of strategic planning for development of creative industries and making the first program for development of creative industries on the territory of Pirot municipality. Mapping model, valorization standards of cultural industries at local level  and the Pirot exercise will serve as a role model to other municipalities.

Project activities includes: 

– Production of the Agenda for development cultural and creative industries in the municipality of Pirot and its follow up promotion;

– Production of a handbook for  development planning of creative industries on a local level, guidelines for valorization of developmental potential of cultural industries and standards for making business setting that is open to creative industries, promotion;

–  Creation of innovative services in technical support and education that the Regional Development Agency JUG could in the future provide to local governments as to develop creative economy and mobilize financial means for this purpose; 

– Education and training of 15 municipal representatives of Pirot, Niš and Toplica Counties in valorization of developmental potential of cultural industries that are present on their territories, creating support programs to local creative economy, stimulating creative entrepreneurship, cooperation between public and civil sector, improvement of the labour market in creative industries, development of territorial marketing that is based on creative sector resources and attracting investments toward local creative economy. 

– Promotion of the concepts, standards and strategic approach to development of local creative economy; networking with donors and other stakeholders;

–  Organization of 3rd Creative Economy Forum (2016)

Project is supported by: Ministry of culture and Information and UNESCO Fond for cultural diversity.