Creative Economy School

Creative Economy School is a cooperative program and exchange of multidisciplinary knowledge in the domain of creative economy that would provide integration of culture and creative industries in the process of planning and shaping national and local development.


The first international Summer School of Creative Economy: Cultural heritage and Creative Industries: detection of new creative hotspots (31.05.2015-12.06.2015) was organized in cooperation with the School of Design, University of Pennsylvania (USA) // School directors: Donovan Rypkema, professor at School of Design, University of Pennsylvania (USA) and Hristina Mikic, Creative Economy Group (SRB).

II School of Creative Economy “Local Development and Creative Industries” (24.03-21.04.2016) was implemented within project “Creative Cities SERBIA” // School directors: prof. David Throby Macquarie University Sidney (AU) i Hristina Mikić, Creative Economy Group (SRB) // School Programme 2016.