Biz&Art – handbook promotion and instructional seminar held in Novi Sad

At the Matica Srpska Gallery in Novi Sad a promotion of the Biz&Art handbook, as well as instructional seminar for interested parties on the subject of possible cooperation between culture and business sector was held.  

Since 2013 Creative Economy Group is actively dedicated to the subject of enhancing sustainable partnerships between cultural institution and corporate ones, and so it launched a project “Biz&Art: toward sustainable partnership of culture and economy”. The first project phase is dedicated on raising awareness on possible benefits that these sectors can have through mutual cooperation, affirmation of new generation of corporate philanthropist, increasing knowledge of cultural workers on perceiving companies as potential financiers of cultural and artistic projects etc. The project for enhancement corporate resources for financing culture through Biz&Art partnership was supported in 2014 by the Secretariat for culture and public information AP Vojvodina.

The Biz&Art hanbook promotion and instructional seminar participants were greeted by the provincial secretary for culture and public information Mr Slaviša Grujić and presented the line ministry’s objectives and activities in creative economy. Other presenters were Tijana Palkovljević-Bugarski, Matica Srpska Gallery manager, prof. Gojko Rikalović Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Hristina Mikić, director of the Creative Economy Group, Sonja Konakov Svirčev Este bank, Nataša Pavlović Bujas of the Blumen Group.