Cultural heritage & creative industries


The project “Cultural heritage & creative industries” has the aim to increase public awareness, knowledge and skills of stakeholders (especially local governments and other relevant actors on the local level) on rehabilitation possibilities and adaptive reuse of abandoned objects with monumental value as to influence development of art and creative industries as well as protection of local cultural expressions.

The project consists of several activities:

• Production of a methodology and guidelines in a form of a handbook that stakeholders (representatives of local municipalities, NGO sector, art field and creative industries) could use in their everyday work as to influence the processes for development of local creative economy and attract bigger investments for rehabilitation of cultural heritage on the local territory;

• Increasing public awareness and creating positive public opinion on possibilities for reuse of abandoned buildings for the needs of art and creative industries and improvement of the touristic and cultural quality in certain microlocations (Belgrade, Niš, Sremski Karlovci);

• Improvement of knowledge and skills of employed personnel in local municipalities and other stakeholders as to strengthen their capacities for using abandoned building for the development of art and creative industries but also for development of sustainable projects that could be financed by international means (Belgrade, Niš, Sremski Karlovci);

The project realization was provided by: Embassy of the United States in Serbia, Secretary for cultural and public information of Vojvodina and  and Heritage Strategies International.