CIC Pralipe


Cultural Informational Center Prapile is a nongovernmental organization from Pirot that works in promotion and improvement of Roma culture and rights. It was established in 2001. Its members work to strengthen Roma population and create conditions for Roma integration in the community. Their activities are education of Roma children and youth, providing skills for effective employment of Roma population, preservation of Roma culture and tradition.

CIC Pralipe was founded by Education Development Center on the 1st August in 2002 in cooperation with the Society for improvement of Roma settlements, UNICEF and German organization THV and local government. The aim of the educational center is preparation of children for school, compensational programs for school children, increasing language skills and integration of the Roma children in the community.

  • KIC Pralipe
  • Jevrejska 8/1, Pirot
  • 010 331053