Presentation of Agenda for development cultural and creative industries of municipality Pirot

In the congress hall of the Municipality of Pirot, the Agenda for development of cultural and creative industries  was officially presented as a result achieved within the project “Strengthening local and regional institutional capacities to develop cultural industries policies in Serbia” that was supported by UNESCO Fund for Cultural Diversity and Ministry of culture and information of the Republic of Serbia.

The hosted promotion presented the fundamental pillars for development of cultural and creative industries in the municipality of Pirot, as well as necessary measures and activities that should be implemented until the year 2020. The Agenda for development cultural and creative industries of municipality of Pirot is the first document of its kind in Serbia which is grounded on principles and objectives given by the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005). The Agenda suggests implementation measures and actions for enhancing the position of creative industries within this municipality in several fields: management and institutionalized setting, creative entrepreneurship, labor market and employment, participation and availability of creative expressions and communication and networking. The Agenda was produced based on the research of views and capacities of nearly 198 creative entrepreneurs, 21 consultation meetings, 4 workshops in development planning, and on-field mapping and cultural industries exploration.

The Agenda associated to Pirot’s creative sector advises establishment of the Network of creative industries of Pirot municipality, foundation of a Laboratory for female entrepreneurship and creation of a regional festival of creativity “Creative Economy EXPO”, mapping of Roma creative industries and establishing a cooperative unit “Roma cluster of creative industries”, production of sales-promotional platform “Rural Creative Economy” which would help in promotion and market distribution of products made by the Pirot’s creative entrepreneurs, digitalization, documentation and preservation of Pirot’s cultural expressions, production of an interactive exhibition of cultural expressions of the municipality of Pirot though application of audio-visual and IT technologies.

Agenda was presented by Milica Golubović, assistant to the major of the municipality of Pirot for cultural programs and activities, Hristina Mikić, director of the Creative Economy Group, Ivan Petković manager of infrastructural projects from the Regional agency for development “JUG” from city Nis.


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