Second School of Creative Economy Has Started in Niš

With a lecture of Professor David Throsby, leading expert in the field of creative economy, School of Creative Economy has started in Niš, organized by Creative Economy Group. School gathered 50 participants from local authorities, civil and cultural sector, who will have an opportunity during the next month to become familiarized with planning of local creative economy.

On the first day of School, apart from David Throsby, lectures were held by Estela Radonjić Živkov from The Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Zoran Đelov from The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Bora Dimitrijević, director of National Museum in Zaječar, Hristina Mikić, director of Creative Economy Group, Miloš Đukelić from Red Production, Đorđe Milovanović from Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kragujevac, and Ksenija Marković from The Faculty of Drama. They have presented to participants different aspects of development of creative economy on local level and examples of good practice of connecting local economic development with creative industries in Serbia and the world.

The School of Creative Economy is a unique programme for education of leaders in the field of creative economy. This year’s programme is dedicated to the local development and creative economy and it will host 25 leading domestic and international lecturers, from the field of planning creative economy development, who will transfer their experiences to participants. The School is carried under the patronage of UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity and The Ministry of Culture and Information of The Republic of Serbia.



David Throsby Kulturne industrije i održivi razvoj

Maja Knežević Slađana Grujić Kultura kao ekonomski potencijal

Zoran Djelov Urbani razvoj i kreativne industrije

Bora Dimitijević Felix Romuliana_Kulturno nasleđe kao resurs lokalnog razvoja

Ksenija Marković Božović Vrednovanje savremenih kulturnih izraza

Estela Radonjić Živkov Vrednovanje tradicionalnih kulturnih izraza I i II

Đorđe Milovanović Vojnotehnički zavod Kragujevac