Professor David Throsby Visiting Knjaževac

During Professor David Throsby’s mission in Serbia as a part of the project “Creative Cities and Municipalities of Serbia” a visit to Knjaževac was realized. The mission of this visit was to estimate resources of Knjaževac for development of creative economy. The host for his mission in Knjaževac was Heritage Museum Knjaževac and Milošević Micić, director of the museum. Together they have visited the key resources suitable for development of creative economy and for affirmation of Knjaževac as a place of authentic cultural expressions and creativity. Purpose of his visit was also estimation of local creative capacities for including Knjaževac in the network “Creative cities and municipalities of Serbia” and to attract investments in municipality projects for development of creative economy. As part of the mission, team of experts led by Professor Throsby visited Heritage Museum Knjaževac and became familiar with work of the institution, Town Museum in the house of Aca Stanojević, Archeo-ethno Park in Ravna, and Late Antiquity site Timacum Minus, Jović Winery and other sights, also meetings with municipality authorities were conducted.