III Creative Economy Forum

Third Creative Economy Forum is scheduled for June 15th 2016 in Hotel Metropol (as well as June 16-18th 2016 in Pirot), and it has an aim to offer new insight in role of creative economy in incitement of local development. Forum will be held in partnership with Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SKGO), as a part of the project “Strengthening of local and regional institutional capacities for development of public policies in the area of cultural industries in Serbia” which is supported by UNESCO’s International Fund for cultural diversity and Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia.

This year’s Forum has a goal to improve cooperation between different sectors and fields that are taking part in a process of local development planning and to improve local self-governances capacities and other actors for holistic management of creative economy development. This process implies that neither cultural, nor economic dimension can be denied, thus it is very important for both principles to be accepted and supported with special attention.

This year’s Forum, apart for opening new field for reflecting on the role of creative economy in improvement of local development, also carries important symbolic message on the power new horizons have on improving prosperity in local community and promotion of quality of life in it.

Main topic of the Forum is how to manage local development holistically and in what way to lay the foundations for its sustainability in the creative economy era? Can decentralization of creative economy development from national to local levelbe effective strategy for cultural and economic development of Serbia, and what its potential effects would be? What is a way to strengthen connection between creative entrepreneurship, creative industries and heritage on local level, and what are sustainable models for preservation and protection of local creative expressions? In what way to mobilize cultural and economic potentials on local level with long-term and coherent effects, and what are necessary preconditions for it? In what way to mobilize local creative resources in a function of socio-economic development?

Creative economy and sustainable local development: contemporary institutional aspects is a session dedicated to questioning of the newest agendas and institutional aspects of creative economy development on global level. Recently adopted Agenda of Sustainable Development until 2030 of United Nations talks about the role of culture in creating new global partnership with an aim to decrease poverty and to transform economy through sustainable development (UN, 2015). This implies a continuous process of structural changes in society and strengthening of synergic operation of culture and creative industries. This carries with it transformation of primary role of culture as a bearer of history and remembrance, towards diversification of its developing functions. Their range depend on fulfillment of preconditions for creative economy development – effective protection of intellectual property, integration into international institutional frameworks, quality ecosystem for creative entrepreneurship development, and transformation of sectorial towards holistic public policies. In this session, high representatives of international organizations will be speaking on new institutional perspectives of creative economy development and its influence on local socioeconomic development. Also, it will be contemplated on how much is possible to implement international standards into national context and what are their effects on local socioeconomic development. Irena Vojackov Sollorano, permanent coordinator of UN in Serbia, and Dimiter Ganchev, deputy director of Directorate for Creative Industries in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), will talk about that.

Session “Towards solutions in public policies domain” will be traditionally dedicated to discussion on key questions of creative economy development in the sphere of socioeconomic development of Serbia. This year it is reflecting on developmental challenges of creative economy and local sustainable development in Serbia. The role of the session is planned to serve as a mean for launching process of establishment intersectoral public policies, improvement of creative industries’ position on developmental agenda and business environment that can improve their development. The topic of this year’s session is actual questions of creative economy development and its possible role in improvement of local sustainable development, identity and positive values in our society.

Towards sustainable creative economy: examples of good practice is dedicated to presenting existing models of creative industries integration into local sustainable development. Examples of good practice will be analyzed from the perspective of local tourism development, improvement of local economy competitiveness, rural development, and development of local self-governance. Mutual thing for them all is they are connected by the idea of sustainable creative economy development that provides continuum and preservation of socio-cultural values of local creative expressions and adds them a new value through contemporary approach to economic valorization. In this session their experience will be presented by Kristina Biceva from the Office for cultural heritage protection, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia, Marija Gavrilov from STARTIT Center, Jasmina Beljan Iskrin from Touristic organization Sremski Karlovci, and Biljana Marčeta from Danube Touristic Center.