Creative Economy Group was formed in 2012. as an academic expert group that deals with the analysis of the relevant economic, legal and social issues of development of the creative economy in Serbia and West Balkan Countries.



development of the new methodology of creative industries researches as well as indicators for monitoring and evaluation of public policies in the filed of creative industries and creative economy;

promote and raise awareness of  importance of culture, cultural industries and heritage as a sources for socioeconomic sustainable development;

supporting entrepreneurship in cultural heritage and cultural industries and affirmation of local and rural development of creative economy in the region of West Balkan;

demystification of the concept of the creative economy and creating a friendly environment in which the relationship between the culture and the economy are treated through a holistic approach to the development;

strengthening the role of creative resources in the development of rural areas and the empowerment of the process of the rural creativization;

affirmation of an entrepreneurship in the creative sector; non formal education and training for doing business in creative industries;

affirmation of evidence based public policy in the field of creative economy;

strengthening the role of the creative sector in bolstering the cultural and social values as a whole;

providing expert assistance in the development of innovative economy, as well as capacity building, education and professionalization of the creative sector stakeholders and public administration in this area.


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Our mission

is the development, implementation and promotion of the contemporary economic research in the creative sector, as well as furtherance of the profession and practice in the field of creative economy

Our vision

is to become a leading expert group in this field, that creates a tendency in researching the developmental role of the creative sector as well as the professional education of stakeholders in the creative sector and encourages a critical attitude towards the phenomena of the creative economy

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