Creative Economy Forum

The Creative Economy Forum© (CEF) is a instrument for establishment of public-private dialogue in the field of creative economy, which will also serve as a platform for discussion, elaboration and monitoring of policy actions in the field of culture and creative industries.

The vision of CEF is to become a new platform for public-private dialogue, as well as for preparation of policy recommendations on how to support better culture and creative industries and to encourage linkages with other sectors, cross and inter-sectoral cooperation.

At the end, Creative Economy Forum main goal is to initiate the advocating for changes in legislation,
procedures and business environment, as well as for better position of culture sector and creative industries at the policy agenda; to foster networked policy actions and interdisciplinary problem solving, as well as to ensure better coordination of interests and inter-institutional cooperation among all stakeholders which are involved in creative economy development at national and regional levels.

Creative Economy Forum Booklet (pdf.)